Donkey’s Milk Donkey Milk Confront and Body Lotion Rewards:

Donkey Milk Experience and Physique Lotion is among our new products which we released lately.

Our Lilac Donkey milk Encounter product is handcrafted with clean milk from your donkeys of our farm.

Our Lilac Donkey milk Experience and Physique Lotion hydrates your skin while trying to keep it elastic and velvet.

Perfect for all pores and skin sorts, delicate skin, dry skin, which include men and women that have eczema or psoriasis.

Tips on how to use it? Just Use on to your skin getting the many benefits of our Donkey milk facial area and overall body lotion!

Want you to understand more details on our new products Donkey Milk Facial area and entire body lotion? Then study even further.

It’s all with regards to the components which are one hundred% purely natural!!


Aqua, (Distilled water), Shea butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil,

Pure Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax, Preservative,

Donkey Milk

Vit E

Lilac important oil

We handcraft our one hundred% Natural donkey milk encounter and physique lotion applying only natural elements and donkey milk.

Placing together the advantages of donkey milk and vegetable oils we built the perfect experience and body lotion for your skin.

El Greco Lilac Donkey milk encounter and body lotion hydrate the skin holding it Normally moisturized and wholesome.

Donkey milk in our handmade purely natural face and body lotion with donkey milk continues to be used like a beauty treatment method for Many yrs to hydrate pores and skin, heal and soothe the skin and endorse skin renewal.

Donkey milk Fantastic Cosmetic virtues.

Donkey’s Milk Donkey Milk Encounter and Human body Lotion Gains:

Has a pleasant creamy lather. Donkey milk provides creaminess into the face and body lotion.
Hydrates and softens pores and skin. Donkey’s milk has a pH level extremely near to the pH volume of human beings skin, it can help to moisturize and continue to keep the pores and skin’s oils in harmony.
Minimizes pores and skin irritations. It is especially significant in Vitamin A, which happens to be essential in fixing broken skin tissue and preserving balanced pores and skin.
Erases wrinkles from the pores and skin. The item possesses a verified anti-wrinkle result, eradicates wrinkles and stops these from showing solution of your passing of your time within the skin, facial area and neck. Donkey milk in organic confront cream also delays obvious indications of getting old like high-quality lines and visual appeal of wrinkles.
Regenerates skin. The cleaning soap of donkey milk is regenerative to the skin due to high levels of protein, phospholipides and ceramides, which subsequently confer it with the two relaxing and restructuring Attributes.
Delivers natural anti-growing old skin care. The loaded composition of donkey milk with substantial protein levels of phospholipids and natural vitamins A, B, C, D, and E – ensure it is fantastic for anti-growing older, wrinkle cure, restructuring and regenerating facial with superb benefits.
It protects through the at any time-present Hazard of bacterial bacterial infections.
Removes wrinkles and prevents these from showing up products from the passing of time inside the skin, encounter and neck
It helps individuals with eczema, neurodermatitis or psoriasis.
Eliminates and minimizes the indications of expression.
It helps yang people with pores and skin allergy symptoms or acne. Acne can be a nightmare for yang folks although not any longer right after utilizing the donkey milk soaps.
Donkey Milk Facial Product can be strong tensor and hydrator from the skin.
These oils and butter are thoroughly blended collectively to create a top-quality handcrafted Facial area and physique lotion.

Every single of such oils is picked for the Unique attributes that give to your Facial area Product.

Shea butter is fat that has been extracted from shea tree nuts. It’s off-white or ivory coloured and has a creamy regularity that’s straightforward to unfold on your skin. Most shea butter originates from shea trees in West Africa.

Superior concentrations of fatty acids and nutritional vitamins make shea butter an excellent cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing Attributes. Working with shea butter on One's body, Primarily your facial area, can affliction, tone, and soothe the skin.

BENEFITS OF SHEA BUTTER On your Encounter AND Human body.


Shea butter has become proven to get intensive anti-inflammatory Attributes. Redness and swelling on the face might be calmed by making use of Shea butter merchandise. Shea butter’s fatty acid and vitamin K concentration also support Your entire body to heal faster when the skin barrier has actually been compromised.


Shea butter’s regularity and semisolid features aid the skin to absorb it when it melts at home temperature. The abundant tree nut oils in shea butter can soak into your skin, developing a smooth and smooth barrier that seals in humidity. This moisturizing influence can previous quite a few hrs, in contrast to Another moisturizers that dress in off following one hour or less.

ANTI-Growing old Attributes

Shea butter has high amounts of oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids. These acids are a successful component to combating oxidative tension, and that is the effect the environmental toxins have on your skin cells. This can help your skin to possess a nutritious turnover of latest cells, and in addition supports the structure and tightness of the skin. The vitamin E in shea butter also will help safeguard the skin with the UV rays with the sun, Though you could’t skip sunscreen Simply because you utilize shea butter on your own confront.

Coconut oil contains: 1) medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides, two) Capric / Caprylic / Lauric acid, 3) Vitamin-E.

Coconut oil Qualities: Retains moisture information of pores and skin, Shields skin from Microbial infections, delays the growing older procedure, repairs skin and gives it a healthful progress, wonderful skin softener, softens toes and clears the cracks, is nice for many skin Conditions for instance acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Avocado oil is a wonderful Resource for cooking flavorful and healthful foods. It’s a superb supply of antioxidants, necessary fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. But Have you ever at any time deemed utilizing this mouth watering fruit to soothe and mend the skin?

The absorbent oil is believed to have many Positive aspects for the skin, like moisturizing dry hands or acting like a purely natural sunblock. You can use avocado oil directly to the skin or mix it with your preferred attractiveness solutions.

Advantages of AVOCADO OIL On your Experience AND Human body

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin continue to be clean, solid, and elastic. You should buy avocado oil in almost any overall health or grocery store and utilize it to:

Serene itchy pores and skin
Heal chapped skin
Replenish dry pores and skin
Hydrate and moisturize pores and skin
Protect skin from ultraviolet radiation
Shields towards pores and skin injury
A number of people may well refer to avocado oil as an essential oil, but that’s not fully correct. Thick and environmentally friendly-colored, avocado oil is really thought of a provider oil.

Vital oils are really concentrated lubricants distilled in the aromatic parts of a plant like a root or leaves. Provider oils are pressed through the seeds, nuts, or other fatty portions of the fruit, and they are used to aid dilute important oils. Vital oils evaporate and have powerful scents, While carrier oils never.

The most crucial great things about avocado oil are to soothe and add dampness, so it won’t do the job also For those who have oily pores and skin. Utilizing avocado oil won’t leave a lot of grease driving.

Sweet almond oil is filled with vitamin E, vitamin A, monosaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. Don't forget once we called the almond little yet mighty? We weren’t kidding.

Thanks to the Vitamin E, sweet almond oil keeps your skin cells nutritious, safeguards the skin from UV radiation hurt, and can help your skin glimpse smooth, comfortable, and free of good strains.

The fatty acids assistance the skin keep humidity and may heal chapped and irritated skin.

Vitamin A might help reduce acne. Since the oil very easily penetrates the read more pores and skin, it’s great for cleansing out the dirt and oil and accumulates as part of your pores. This process can reduce blackheads and acne from acquiring.

Because it’s filled with these natural vitamins and nutrients, sweet almond oil is usually a pure skincare superpower. For those who’re concerned about applying oil on the skin—especially if you have oily skin—there’s no should tension. Sweet almond oil is mostly non-comedogenic, which suggests it’s unlikely to clog your pores.

The benefits of sweet almond oil could be appreciated by All those with oily, dry, and delicate pores and skin.

Advantages of SWEET ALMOND OIL

Here are some skincare great things about sweet almond oil.

Sweet almond oil can lighten darkish undereye circles
Sweet almond oil can ease Solar exposure, eczema, and rashes
Sweet almond oil is an incredible normal makeup remover
The zinc in sweet almond oil is perfect for therapeutic brittle nails
Mainly because lots of hair care products strip your hair of natural oils, sweet almond oil can help restore this protective barrier
Vitamin E is an incredibly potent antioxidant. Oxidative strain (A.K.A. when Your entire body doesn’t have ample antioxidants to battle no cost radicals) is a major cause of the deterioration of the skin’s collagen layer. Since collagen retains the skin searching supple and wrinkle-totally free, you should stave off oxidative pressure with antioxidants. That’s the place sweet almond oil comes in.


Vitamin E is definitely an antioxidant. It may well support defend your cells from hurt. This important nutrient takes place Normally in lots of foods. It’s also accessible being a dietary supplement. In some cases, it’s in processed foods. Vitamin E is Unwanted fat-soluble. This means Your whole body shops and makes use of it as essential.

The time period “vitamin E” describes eight diverse compounds. Alpha-tocopherol is considered the most Energetic just one in people.

For a longer time Mobile Everyday living

You’ve possibly witnessed rust on the bicycle or car. An analogous strategy of oxidation and accelerated getting old normally takes place in One's body when cells are subjected to molecules termed cost-free radicals. Cost-free radicals weaken and break down healthy cells. These molecules may add to heart disease and cancer.

Free of charge radicals kind on account of usual body processes. They cause destruction that shortens the daily life within your cells. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may assistance minimize free radical damage and gradual the aging strategy of your cells, based on the National Institutes of Well being (NIH).

Glycerin is usually a humectant: a material that assists to pull in moisture with the surrounding surroundings to moisturize the skin. It really is most commonly employed not for its humectant Houses but being an emollient.

Pure glycerin is derived from plant-based mostly oils. It has hygroscopic properties, that means it absorbs dampness and, if left on your own, would absorb up to 20% of its pounds in h2o. That’s the way it keeps your skin beautifully moist.

It really is derived from oils of numerous kinds. El Greco Cosmetics, being a handmade pure cosmetics producer, takes advantage of only glycerin which has been derived from plant-based oils which include palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

Glowing and hydrated skin
Sooth sunburned – broken pores and skin
Would make you to stay wrinkle-no cost and youthful
Soften dry, cracked heels and itchy, patchy skin
Soak up the dampness
Lilac necessary oil emanates from the leaves on the Syringa vulgaris plant. The plant is a local of Japanese Europe and Persia. Lilac essential oil can be a steam-distilled extract of the leaves. It really is gentle purple in shade and has a refreshing floral scent.

Lilac vital oil is especially practical for persons managing significant-worry concentrations, anxiousness, a weak immune system, parasitic bacterial infections, sunburn, untimely ageing, wrinkles, fever, inflammatory disorders, cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

SKIN Treatment

The stimulating and antioxidant Houses of this critical oil may help speed the therapeutic process of the skin, especially If you have little cuts, bruises or scrapes. It won't only safeguard these open up wounds from infection but will also encourage The expansion of new cells and raise the level of therapeutic, even of sunburns, rashes, and various inflammatory ailments.

Helps prevent Untimely Getting older

The antioxidants and astringent compounds in lilac vital oil can do the job in combination to improve the looks of pores and skin and cause you to appear and feel youthful. When you've got traces, wrinkles, blemishes or other age-similar marks, this oil can help tighten the pores and skin, maximize elasticity, and forestall many of the signs of untimely getting old.

LOWERS Panic AND Anxiety

As one of the most well-liked aromatherapy oils available on the market, the lilac critical oil is popular for its consequences on tension and panic. Just inhaling some whiffs of lilac important oil can effect your limbic process, marketing inner thoughts of calmness and decreasing worry hormone ranges in the body. This can lead to much better sleep and lower amounts of melancholy, as well as a minimized risk of Continual condition.


In lots of parts of the world, lilac critical oil has actually been used to cleanse your body of interior parasites and intestinal worms. Even though A lot of people visualize digestive aids as anything to take in, It isn't recommended that you eat lilac critical oil. Inhaling these impressive compounds or applying them for the skin is enough to promote their outcomes internally.

Enhances Area ODOR

Lilac necessary oil presents a great aroma to your room when used in an essential oil diffuser, as well as has sure antibacterial Attributes that support to cleanse the space’s air and surfaces. The scent of lilac oil is incredibly nice and usually popular by persons thinking about aromatherapy and passive wellbeing treatment options.

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